1. duckytheassassin:

    I’m thinking about doing shaped cookies for Darksiders. Can’t decide if I want to hate myself by making the seals or love these little things by making character heads.

    ooo~ the lifestone and war’s rune thingy are great ideas ^^

  3. metalslimer:

    Me as Johnny Bravo

    Man I’m pretty!

  4. heres-your-ammo:

    "Martini…shaken, not stirred…"

    ohh~ i just read it in his voice >.>

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  5. kawashironitori:

    talking to person u like alot and u feel like ur annoying them


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  6. shezzablue:

    Take a tip, folks.

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  8. imagineyouricon:

    Imagine your icon killing titans with their current expression.

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  11. miscaitlin:



    gamers dont take hot showers

    they take image-y ones


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  12. paradoxical-pangolin:

    This was a question on a test in AP psych during my senior year of high school.

    I never took my teacher seriously from that day on.