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    tumblr: you’d have to be heartless to scroll past



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    smashing your pinky toe and trying to act cool like


    So true!!!


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    Character Theory #28 and Motives Theory #19: Brian and Tim worked very closely together early in the story, forming an alliance hat collectively adopted the alias Totheark.  However, as time went on Brian became less stable mentally and Tim had difficulties with dishonesty, and the duo split.  Brian was extremely angry with Tim afterwards, thus prompting his several accusatory messages towards him (most of which have to do with lying and blame).

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    Captain America’s broken shield from Avengers: Age of Ultron

    Should make the next one out of Adamantium. Eff Fox.

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    I just finished Darksiders II

    Who wants to cry with me and fall in the Well of Feels and Tears?

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    Warcraft movie props from Legendary Films (coming March 2016) - Comic Con 2014

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    Oh shit

    Oh wow, that’s a powerful gifset right there…

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